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Infidelity Detectives are an extremely professional company of private investigators and detectives. We understand that talking to us may seem a little overwhelming. Be reassured that we are here to help and are very understanding and approachable.

When you suspect that your partner is having an affair not knowing creates huge amounts of worry and sleepless nights. You can feel completely out of control; alone with no one to talk too. Let us be your friendly ear. It is true, a problem shared IS a problem halved. Call with complete confidence that we will deal with your situation with discretion, empathy, understanding and professionalism helping find the truth and get back in control of your life. Please call:

  • Call Free on 0800 334 5644
  • If you would prefer to speak specifically to a man call our chief male investigator Charles Hodgson on (07891) 149 861
  • Or specifically to a woman call our chief female investigator Michelle Collins on (07814) 546 969

When you contact Infidelity Detectives we will:

  • Treat your enquiry with complete discretion and confidentiality
  • We have had cheating partners ourselves so understand exactly the feeling you are experiencing
  • Treat you will professionally and courteously at all times
  • Explain exactly what can be done to solve your problem.
  • Help you reclaim control over your life
  • Most of the people that call us have used our services
  • Many of our customers would recommend our services to their friends

We have both male and female investigators so we are very happy to accommodate your preference of investigator.

For further information:

Call Free on 0800 334 5644 or Email [email protected]

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