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Infidelity Detectives are a collection of private investigators and detectives dedicated to finding out the truth about whether your partner or spouse is cheating. We use state of the art technology coupled with over 25 years experience to quickly, efficiently and discreetly investigate your partner or spouse to be about to find out whether they are cheating on you and putting your mind at rest.

We understand that it not easy contacting a private detective agency and talking about a very personal problem. We treat your call with complete discretion, empathy, understanding and professionalism to help understand your situation and help you find the best solution.

Facts about Infidelity Detectives

  • We have NEVER been detected while carrying out our investigations
  • Our services give YOU back control of your life
  • We offer a completely professional and confidential service
  • Over 80% of people that call us use our services
  • Many of our customers would recommend our services to their friends

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Call Free on 0800 334 5644 or Email [email protected]

Infidelity Detectives - About Us


"Since contacting Infidelity Detectives there have been very few worries. They listened to what I needed, and responded quickly. I now know EXACTLY what my wife was up to. Infidelity Detectives were there every step of the way to help, support and prove my wife's affair. The staff are very polite, professional and caring..." - Chris Manchester

"I have and would recommend Infidelity Detectives to my friends. The investigators are great, kind and understanding. They helped erase fears that my husband was cheating on me and I can now sleep at night and also trust him again. The best bit is that he will never know ..." - Clare Reigate

For further testimonials:

Call Free on 0800 334 5644 or Email [email protected]

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